We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Kompass Europe Holding founded year 2005 in Hungary-Budapest (EU Member) Since 2005 to our present day Komnpass Europe been oparated more than 10 different fields and in 2008 İstanbul branch been opened. Our company may be considered to be a micro size scale company but it is flexible and capable of operating internationally in different fields ( education equipment and materials, foreign universities, high schools, language schools registrations, natural cosmetic consultancy, internet marketing, …etc) Our company has a more than 450 supplier and we have a trade relations more than 13 different country. In order to establish with our costumers long term trust and problem free relation we have more than 250 problem solution partners. English says that ; if you don’t have a solution, you’re part of the problem. In our modern world with fast technical developments problems getting more and more complicated to solve by individuals or by companies. Therfore in case of unexpected situations best solution is to have a several contacts to get help to solve the problems by the different sources who are expert in their fields.

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