Product Information File

 The product information file (PIF) indicates the safety of a cosmetic product for reasonably foreseeable use and must be available before the cosmetic product is placed on the market.

 The PIF must be kept available by the responsible person (RP) at the address indicated on the package label of the cosmetic product in accordance with the Regulation. The RP must store the PIF for ten years after the last batch has been placed on the market.

Steps Of PIF

 The PIF is a package containing all information on authorisations for the sale of cosmetic products in Europe, including the Safety Report/CPSR.Each cosmetic product must have its own product information file containing precise information about the product. The PiF should include a product description, a report on the safety of cosmetic products, information on production methods in accordance with good manufacturing practices and confirmation of the claimed effect. Official requirements for a PiF dossier The competent authority must have free access to the PiF file at the address indicated on the product label. It should be possible to submit the PIF dossier to any supervisory body of the European Union within 72 hours. The PiF file for each cosmetic product must be kept for ten years from the date on which the last batch of a given cosmetic product was placed on the EU or UK market. The more detail li


Description of the  cosmetic product

A description that clearly links the PIF to its cosmetic product.

Cosmetics Product Safety Report ( CPSR)

A detailed account of the safety of the  cosmetic product completed in line with EU Annex1 Regulation. 

Method of Manufacture

A description of how the product is made and a statement of the compliance with good manufacturing practices
( GMP)

Proof of the effect Claimed

Substantiation for all claims made on the cosmetic product and ant promotional material.

Data animal testing 

Animal testing conducted by the manufacturer , raw material supplier or RP to meet the requirements of other regulatory if applicable.

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