Turkish Cosmetics Regulory.

The regulatory framework for Turkish cosmetics is established by the Turkish Ministry of Health and governed by the Cosmetic Products Regulation, which implements the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. The regulation sets standards for the safety, quality, and labeling of cosmetic products, and requires that cosmetic products undergo appropriate testing and that the results be documented in a Product Information File (PIF).

The responsible person for a cosmetic product, as defined by the regulation, must be established in Turkey and must ensure that the product complies with all relevant legislation, including the safety assessments, labeling requirements, and other requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation.

In addition, the Turkish Ministry of Health has the authority to enforce the regulation, including the power to ban products that do not comply with the regulations and to conduct inspections of cosmetic product manufacturing facilities.

In summary, Turkish cosmetics are regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health, and must meet the safety, quality, and labeling requirements established by the Cosmetic Products Regulation in order to be sold in Turkey.